Coach House

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The Coach House is a rare find in the area of Beaconsfield driving our clients desire to restore rather than destroy the historical building. The couple see the new home as a place to grow their young family, it is a place that will need to adapt and change; from babies, to toddlers, to children to teenagers to grown ups, and along the way accommodate those that will form part of the children’s upbringing, nanny’s and grannies.

The design intention was to create a cohesive family home, which rationalised the existing house by introducing an extension to create a large family living space with a seamless connection to the garden, and re organisation of the disjointed spaces of the previous extension. The house needed a main entrance space that could connect visually and spatially to the original wooden front door, this included modernising the existing entrance with an equally impressive door. Upstairs private wings and suites for parents and grandparents, overflow bedrooms for extended family members and evolving spaces for babies, toddlers, children to teenager to grown up kids. A mini masterplan! We maximised the size of the house (within planning allowance) with a rear extension, a potential first floor and roof extension, including an annex building and garden studio. In addition a pool room and portico to connect the Annex and Main House.

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