Langley Vale



The Visitor Hub for The Woodland Trust is set within the forest, its form reminiscent of a small woodland clearing, its interior densely populated with trunks acting as a threshold between arrival and exploration of the memorial forest beyond. An enclave of lightly engraved golden trunks greets and entices the visitor to meander through the entrance to the hubs central clearing, each trunk intricately carved with the names of venerable donors and veterans.

Visually, the buildings composition is a collection of timber volumes gathered beneath an undulating timber lattice roof; a tree canopy paradigm creating a mix of calm shade around the periphery and dappled light toward the centre. The canopy over sails the timber volumes and main space to create external shelter, supported by a series of golden trunks of varying densities, delicately poised upon a liquid stone base between which sits the supporting timber volumes articulated around a central clearing. Within this clearing visitors are encouraged to learn about the trust and it’s mission and plan a navigational route through the ancient woodland.

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